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The Coming Elder Boom: Aging In America

Jese Leos
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Published in Behind The Old Face: Aging In America And The Coming Elder Boom
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As the American population continues to age, the country is on the cusp of a significant shift in demographics. With longer life expectancies and declining birth rates, the elderly population is set to explode in the coming years, bringing a host of challenges, but also opportunities.

In this article, we will explore the effects of the aging population in America and examine how our society can prepare for the impending elder boom.

The Demographic Shift: A Closer Look

According to the United States Census Bureau, by 2030, all baby boomers will be older than the age of 65. This will result in one in every five Americans being of retirement age. By 2050, it is estimated that the number of Americans aged 65 and older will reach 88 million, nearly doubling the current population figure.

Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom
Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom
by Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN GCM(Kindle Edition)

4.8 out of 5

Language : English
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With this rapid increase in the elderly population, it is crucial to understand the impact it will have on various aspects of society, such as healthcare, social security, and the economy as a whole.

Challenges and Opportunities

The aging population presents several challenges that need to be addressed proactively. One of the primary concerns is the strain it puts on the healthcare system. As people age, they are more likely to require medical assistance, leading to increasing healthcare costs and a need for specialized care facilities.

Additionally, the aging workforce poses challenges to the economy. The retirement of a significant portion of the workforce creates a scarcity of skilled workers and can slow down economic growth. However, it also presents an opportunity for innovation and job creation in sectors that cater to the needs of the elderly.

Moreover, the social security system will require adjustments to sustain the growing number of retirees. With a smaller working population contributing to social security funds, policymakers will need to find sustainable solutions to ensure the financial security of the elderly population.

Preparing for the Elder Boom

To effectively handle the coming elder boom, it is crucial to implement proactive measures and adapt to the changing needs of the aging population.

First and foremost, investing in healthcare infrastructure and promoting preventative measures can significantly reduce healthcare costs and enhance the quality of life for older adults. This includes fostering advancements in geriatric medicine, promoting healthy lifestyles, and ensuring access to affordable care.

Additionally, encouraging intergenerational collaboration can help bridge the generational divide and foster mutual understanding and support. This can be achieved through initiatives that bring younger and older individuals together, creating opportunities for learning, volunteering, and community engagement.

Furthermore, addressing the economic implications requires creating job opportunities in sectors that cater to the aging population. This involves supporting initiatives that focus on elder care, home healthcare, and technology innovations to assist older adults in their daily lives.

The Importance of Policies and Advocacy

As the elder boom approaches, it is crucial for policymakers, organizations, and individuals to come together and advocate for policies that support the needs of the aging population.

Ensuring affordable and accessible healthcare, robust social security systems, and age-friendly communities are essential steps in preparing for the demographic shift. It is crucial to prioritize research and policies that address the specific challenges faced by older adults to promote their overall well-being and inclusion in society.

The coming elder boom in America will undoubtedly bring significant changes to our society. While it presents challenges, it also presents opportunities to create a more inclusive and age-friendly environment for all.

With proactive measures, investments in healthcare, adaptation of the workforce, and the implementation of policies that prioritize older adults, we can navigate this demographic shift successfully and ensure that aging in America is a positive experience for everyone.

Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom
Behind the Old Face: Aging in America and the Coming Elder Boom
by Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN GCM(Kindle Edition)

4.8 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 7304 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 187 pages
Lending : Enabled

After the highly respected author discovered a resident's box of old love letters as teenage nursing-home aide in 1977, her view of elderly patients was altered and inspired her lifelong career of geriatric care and advocating for quality elder care. She provides us an overview of aging and elder care in the U.S in this best-selling and
award winning book. Drawing upon over 3 decades of experience and her interviews with seniors, Angil Tarach-Ritchey RN, GCM reveals the rich inner worlds of the elderly, conveys their advice and describes her vision of a community-based, intergenerational, and sustainable approach to senior living and care for our aging future as we face the Elder Boom™ crisis.

Who Will Benefit From Reading Behind the Old Face?
1. Seniors now and into the future. If the treatment and care of older adults didn’t need improving, this book would have not been written. This is the overall intention and motivation of the author.
2. Baby Boomers that either won't be able to, or do not want to pay between $100,000.00 and over $210,000.00 for care in 20 years or so. Statistically 70% of those over 65 years of age will need some amount of care for an average of 3 years. If you want a positive and uplifting aging future in your own home that you can look forward to rather than dread, and won’t send you to the poorhouse this book is for you!
3. Caregivers, both family caregivers and professionals in healthcare, since the vast majority will care for seniors in one capacity or another and are all of us are aging too. Whether you are a nurse’s aide in a skilled nursing home, a physician in ER, a volunteer directing patients, a social worker, nurse, therapist, or are in insurance sales or financial planning, we all come in contact with seniors and need to better understand aging in those we care and interact with, and ourselves.
4. Business Owners are losing 34 billion dollars annually in lost productivity related to employed family caregivers and this problem is going to get much deeper and far reaching than most realize as care costs become unaffordable for the vast majority, and government programs that are currently helping those under the poverty line will not be able to meet future costs. Find out how you can become part of the solution!
5. Government Officials in aging, housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Veterans Administration who have a vested interest in how our nation will handle 78 million aging boomers.
6. Philanthropists, Foundations, Major Corporations, Patient Advocates, Hospitals, and other nonprofits interested in aging, senior health, the changing population, social change, and being a part of a great aging future.
7. Our country as a whole because the one thing we have in common from the day we were born is we are all aging. Find out how to reduce healthcare and custodial care costs all without taxing family members and US businesses.

Honorable Book Endorsements
“This book is a must read for the Baby Boomer generation. It faces the challenges of aging head on, written with compassion and vision.”
−Ken Dychtwald, Ph.D., Author of A New Purpose: Redefining Money, Family, Work, Retirement and Success
“Angil has done a remarkable job illustrating the difficulties facing our seniors today, compelling the reader towards empathy and providing a unique solution to what may be the next major public healthcare debate…the rising cost of caring for our older generations.”
− Vesper Patrick | Director, Content Development Nurse Together
“Tarach-Ritchey encourages us to not only reframe our thinking about aging in an empowering way, she also presents us with a practical, nuts-and-bolts solution for the pending baby-boomer retirement wave. She invites us not only to honor the aging process, but provides a means by which we are more able to do so.”
− Shayne A. Mason RN, MSN, NP Co-host “Nurse Talk Radio”, Instructor – University of San

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