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The Untold Truth about The Elephant In The Room: What No One is Talking About

Jese Leos
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Published in The Elephant In The Room: A Journey Into The Trump Campaign And The Alt Right (Kindle Single)
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Picture yourself in a room filled with people engaging in lively conversations, but there's one thing that nobody seems to mention. It's big, it's obvious, yet it remains unacknowledged. This metaphorical elephant in the room lingers, silently affecting our lives and society as a whole.

Unveiling the Elephant's True Nature

From boardrooms to living rooms, there are topics that people avoid discussing despite their significance. These subjects are often considered taboo, uncomfortable, or even controversial. One can argue that the true nature of this "elephant" is the societal norms that prevent open dialogue about important matters.

Let's dive deep into this room and confront the elephant head-on.

The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the Alt Right (Kindle Single)
The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the “Alt-Right” (Kindle Single)
by Jon Ronson(Kindle Edition)

4.1 out of 5

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Shattering the Taboos

Our societies have their fair share of taboos, ranging from religion and politics to mental health and sexuality. By avoiding discussions around these topics, we inadvertently create a breeding ground for misunderstandings, prejudices, and discrimination.

The time has come to shatter the taboos and address the elephant in the room. Only through open conversations can we bridge the gaps and foster empathy and understanding.

The Price of Silence

The consequences of ignoring the elephant in the room are far-reaching. Political correctness and the fear of offending others have often led to self-censorship, hindering genuine progress.

When we silence ourselves, we deny ourselves the opportunity to challenge existing norms and create positive change. It is our moral obligation to speak up and bring attention to the unresolved issues lurking in the shadows.

Breaking the Chains of Stigma

The elephant in the room often hides under the guise of stigma. We stigmatize various aspects of our lives, such as mental health conditions, addiction, and personal failures. By perpetuating stigma, we perpetuate discrimination and hamper the growth of individuals and communities.

By openly discussing these stigmatized issues, we can challenge societal norms and empower those affected to seek help, find support, and overcome obstacles. Breaking the chains of stigma is essential for personal and collective healing.

Embracing Uncomfortable Conversations

We must all be willing to step out of our comfort zones and engage in uncomfortable conversations. It is when we expose ourselves to different perspectives and ideologies that we can truly grow as individuals and as a society.

Embracing uncomfortable conversations means cultivating an environment where everyone feels safe expressing their thoughts and emotions without the fear of being judged or ostracized. It is through respectful dialogue that change can happen.

Tackling Global Challenges

The elephant in the room extends beyond individuals' lives and touches upon global challenges that we face today. Climate change, inequality, poverty, and racism are just a few of the elephants that desperately need attention.

By acknowledging and addressing these elephants head-on, we can begin to work together towards a sustainable and inclusive future. It is through collaborative effort and open conversation that we can tackle these complex issues.

The Call to Action

The time to address the elephant in the room is now. It is our responsibility to start the conversation, break the barriers, and create a more accepting and understanding society.

Let us embrace uncomfortable conversations, challenge taboos, and shatter stigmas. By doing so, we can collectively create a world where the elephant in the room becomes a welcome participant in discussions, and no topic is left unexplored.

The elephant in the room symbolizes the hidden topics that society deems uncomfortable or inappropriate to discuss openly. By breaking the silence, challenging taboos, and embracing uncomfortable conversations, we pave the way for a more empathetic, introspective, and compassionate world.

It's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room and unleash its potential to provoke positive change and transform society for the better.

The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the Alt Right (Kindle Single)
The Elephant in the Room: A Journey into the Trump Campaign and the “Alt-Right” (Kindle Single)
by Jon Ronson(Kindle Edition)

4.1 out of 5

Language : English
File size : 3507 KB
Text-to-Speech : Enabled
Enhanced typesetting : Enabled
X-Ray : Enabled
Word Wise : Enabled
Print length : 42 pages
Lending : Enabled
Screen Reader : Supported

"This is a deeply salient read." -Nick Offerman

“But Hillary is a known Luciferian,” he tried.

“She’s not a known Luciferian,” I said.

“Well, yes and no,” he said.

In The Elephant in the Room, Jon Ronson, the New York Times-Bestselling author of The Psychopath Test, Them, and So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, travels to Cleveland at the height of summer to witness the Republican National Convention. Along the way, he reunites with an old acquaintance—the influential provocateur and conspiracy talk-show host Alex Jones—who draws him, unexpectedly, into one of the most bizarre presidential campaigns in American history.

From the private Winnebago where conspiracy theorists and fearmongers discuss key campaign decisions, to a chance encounter with notorious political operative Roger Stone, Ronson’s picaresque journey into Donald Trump’s atmosphere introduces us to the people who orbit the campaign machine, and discovers what makes them tick—and what ticks them off. Whimsical, hilarious and often downright terrifying, The Elephant in the Room captures a defining moment in our time as only Jon Ronson could see it.


Jon Ronson's nonfiction books So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, The Psychopath Test, Them: Adventures with Extremists, Lost at Sea and The Men Who Stare At Goats have all been international and/or New York Times bestsellers, and have been translated into more than 26 languages.

The Men Who Stare At Goats was adapted into a film starring George Clooney. The film adaptation of The Psychopath Test is currently in development starring Scarlett Johansson, directed by Jay Roach, and with a screenplay by Kristin Gore.

Ronson’s original screenplays include “Frank,” which he co-wrote with Peter Straughan. “Frank” won the 2014 best screenplay award at the British Independent Film Awards. His latest film, “Okja,” which stars Tilda Swinton, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano, and is directed by Bong Joon-Ho, will be released in 2017.

Ronson is a regular contributor to The Guardian, This American Life, the New York Times magazine and GQ magazine, and has appeared as a guest on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” “Conan,” and “Inside Amy Schumer.” His many UK documentaries include “Stanley Kubrick's Boxes,” “The Secret Rulers of the World,” and seven seasons of the award-winning BBC Radio 4 program “Jon Ronson On…”

He lives at the moment in New York, where he’s working on an audio series for Audible called The Butterfly Effect.

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