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The Rise of the Biomedical Security State

Jese Leos
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Published in The New Abnormal: The Rise Of The Biomedical Security State
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Advancements in technology have revolutionized various aspects of society, and the field of medicine is no exception. With profound breakthroughs in biomedical research, there has been a gradual and unforeseen evolution towards a biomedical security state. This article aims to shed light on this emerging phenomenon, analyzing its implications, benefits, and potential risks.

Unveiling the Biomedical Security State:

The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State
The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State
by Aaron Kheriaty(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

The biomedical security state refers to a system in which society's health and well-being are tightly controlled and monitored through advanced biomedical technologies. It encompasses the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI),biometric data, genetic engineering, surveillance, and more. While these advancements have undoubtedly improved medical treatment, their integration into society raises concerns about privacy, personal freedom, and potential abuse.

The Benefits:

The rise of the biomedical security state brings forth numerous advantages. The ability to monitor public health on a large scale provides valuable data that can aid in understanding disease patterns, identifying potential outbreaks, and allocating resources efficiently. By incorporating AI technology, diagnostics can become more accurate, improving patient care and saving lives. Furthermore, the utilization of biometric data can enhance security measures, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive medical information.

Enhanced Disease Surveillance:

One of the notable benefits of the biomedical security state is enhanced disease surveillance. Through the collection and analysis of various health-related data, authorities can detect and respond to potential outbreaks more swiftly, preventing the spread of diseases on a larger scale. This capability has been particularly invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic, as countries with advanced biomedical surveillance systems have been able to implement effective containment measures more efficiently.

Improved Diagnosis and Treatment:

AI has revolutionized the field of medicine by assisting in diagnosis and treatment. With machine learning algorithms, medical professionals can gain insights from vast amounts of patient data, enabling prompt and accurate identification of diseases and conditions. This not only improves patient outcomes but also reduces healthcare costs by streamlining the diagnostics process and avoiding unnecessary treatments. Through interactions between AI systems and healthcare providers, patients can receive more personalized and efficient care.

The Dark Side:

While the biomedical security state offers compelling benefits, concerns regarding privacy, ethics, and abuse of power cannot be overlooked. The gathering of extensive biometric data and genetic information raises questions about individual autonomy. How will this data be stored, protected, and used in the future? Additionally, the potential for discrimination arising from the use of genetic information in healthcare decisions is a worrying reality. The collection of personal health data also poses a significant risk if it falls into the wrong hands, potentially leading to identity theft, blackmail, or insurance fraud.

Ethical Dilemmas and Consent:

As the collection and analysis of personal health data become more prevalent, issues surrounding consent and ethics are amplified. The biomedical security state challenges the idea of informed consent, as individuals may find it difficult to fully understand the implications of sharing their biometric and genetic information. An opt-out system might further exacerbate concerns regarding patient autonomy and privacy, as citizens might feel compelled to participate, fearing negative consequences if they choose not to.

Mitigating Risks and Safeguarding Privacy:

While the rise of the biomedical security state presents some alarming risks, steps can be taken to mitigate these concerns. Stricter laws and regulations surrounding data privacy, security, and usage need to be established. Ensuring transparency and accountability in the development and implementation of these technologies is crucial. A balance between innovation and individual rights must be struck to protect citizens from potential abuses of power.


The rise of the biomedical security state is a complex and evolving phenomenon. It offers significant potential for improving public health through enhanced disease surveillance, accurate diagnosis, and personalized treatment. However, it also raises valid concerns regarding privacy, ethics, and abuse of power. Striking a careful balance between the benefits and risks is necessary to harness the potential of biomedical technologies while safeguarding individual rights and autonomy.

Remember, our society is at a critical juncture, standing at the precipice of an era in which our every biological detail could be scrutinized. Click here to unravel the hidden truths about the rise of the biomedical security state!

The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State
The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State
by Aaron Kheriaty(Kindle Edition)

5 out of 5

The coronavirus pandemic conferred enormous power on certain government officials. They have no intention of giving it up.

In the space of a few weeks in early 2020, Americans witnessed the imposition of previously unimagined social controls by the biomedical security state鈥攖he unelected technocrats who suddenly enjoyed nearly absolute power to incarcerate, isolate, and medicate the entire population. In this chilling new book, a dissident scientist reveals

  • the people and organizations that form the biomedical security state
  • its role in the origin of the pandemic and shaping the government response
  • why it is a threat to science, public health, and individual freedom
  • what can be done to confront and defeat this new Leviathan

When covid-19 broke out, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty鈥檚 work put him on the front lines. Realizing that the mental, physical, and economic toll of lockdowns was catastrophic, he began to protest that the cure was worse than the disease鈥攁n intolerable heresy. When he refused vaccination because he had natural immunity from a previous infection, the University of California, Irvine, medical school fired him. He fought back, in the courts and in the media, and has become a reliable source of truth amid official obfuscation and censorship.

Now it鈥檚 time for all of us to fight back. The deadly and arrogant misrule of the biomedical security state must not become the "new normal."

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